For many years Helena worked as a business coach heldping people reach their next career goal and job. It was all about closing gaps, performance and talking about with people about where thet weren’t good enough.

That was all good. But really her heart wished for more. Wished the clients she works with could see that they already were good enough. And that it wasn’t about changing them selves or taking about weaknesses but much more about seeing who they really are. Seeing their own true awsomeness and beauty.

The the clients started asking if she could help them live more authentically. Be more present. Live fuller lives. With greater passion, peace and power based in truth and joy rather than performance and numbers.

So she started to listen. Listen to the call that wanted her to start supporting and inspiring people to share them selves in their work space. And in their lives. With respect and dignity she took on the job. To allow that journey for her self and for others.

It’s a beautiful way to live. More real and happy.

You can join too. Theres online help and lot of support to be guided and inspired by Helena Risager. Get the free podcast or invest in an online coaching process. It’s all right here for you to reach.